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by CJ Waldron

There’s an old adage about a doctor and the family of his patient that goes, “The operation was a success, but the patient died”. That seems to be the plan those on the right have to “save” democracy. 


They want to preserve freedom of speech by limiting what can be said. They want to promote religious freedom by restricting what religions can be practiced. They want to be considered the land of the free by keeping others out, restricting the rights of others and allowing unlimited access to firearms. They want to promote free and fair elections, just so long as they win. 


In short, they want to kill everything that makes America a democracy. It’s truly murder by death.


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Think it's possible to always have a lawyer available to help with legal issues at a cost less than a cappuccino a week at Starbucks?

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Three brilliantly funny NC, SC and GA activists talk Dixie politics on the Lean to the Left podcast. No love for the GOP, that's for sure. The discussion unwraps the draft abortion ruling and the political implications, ranges into the argument over what can and cannot be taught in schools, Republican candidate misadventures, Trump's influence, and much more. There's lots of insight, but plenty of laughs along the way, as well. Rest assured, the "Dixie Dems" will be back.

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