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Bob Gatty reports during a lull in Hurricane Ian in Myrtle Beach, SC, urging folks to check out the many interview shows on his Lean to the Left podcast. 


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by Bob Gatty

The November 2022 election is about freedom in our democracy. It’s about how Donald Trump’s Republican Party is attempting to restrict many of our freedoms, and how President Biden, the Democratic leadership in Congress, and Democratic candidates are fighting to protect those freedoms.


Speaking at Independence Hall in Philadelphia Sept. 1, Biden warned that “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”


The most vivid example of the GOP's attack on individual freedom is the effort by Republicans to restrict a woman’s right to control her own body...


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Alan Hesse is a climate biologist living in Ecuador, and he's now focusing much of his work on educating young people about climate change. A writer and illustrator. Alan's creation, Captain Polo is working to preserve the future of our earth for our youth, The generations who will be increasingly impacted by climate change for years to come.

Captain Polo is a polar bear that was introduced in novels, written and illustrated by Allen and aimed at middle school kids. Now he's developed a school projects approach under his Captain Polo Climate Academy brand. The Captain Polo's Climate Academy creates resources and projects to help children and adults learn about the climate crisis and what needs to be done about it.

Listen to the episode.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Dan Balmer. He’s a self-proclaimed “racist in recovery,” who used to simply hide behind the comfortable claim that he was “not racist.”


Then, one day he went on TikTok with this post:


Hi, my name is Dan and I'm a racist. I have been in recovery for 30-plus years. Would anyone else like to share?


Now Dan is doing what he can to help others understand what racism really is and how they can overcome those feelings.

View the episode.

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