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Lean to the Left provides liberal political commentary about important developments involving Republicans and Democrats in power, and supports efforts to resist those who would subvert democracy and impede freedom of the press. We also present the Lean to the Left podcast and videos, with newsmaker interviews and progressive commentary.

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by Bob Gatty

When you look at the roster of Republican politicians who have summoned the courage to challenge Donald Trump for the GOP presidential nomination, you have to wonder. Exactly what are these Trump GOP challengers thinking?


What makes them think they can win? What makes them believe they should become President?


Trump's former vice president, Mike Pence, is a case in point, as The Washington Post's Paul Waldman points out. (subscription required).


Here's what Waldman writes at the top of his piece...


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by Bob Gatty


Are you planning for retirement? Already there? Are you working with a financial adviser but wonder if you could be doing better? That's an important question to consider.

Greg Aler, founder and CEO of the financial planning firm Golden Reserve, is our guest on the Lean to the Left podcast. Greg believes that many people planning for retirement are being hoodwinked by financial advisors to whom they have given too much power over their investments and who are ripping off customers with percent-based fees...

Listen to the episode.

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by Bob Gatty

Extreme weather events across the country and around the world make it clear that we are facing a climate crisis, and that we all are in it together. But what can we as individuals do to combat this?


That’s our topic today with an expert who will share with us existing solutions and technologies that can have a significant impact on climate change, and what the average person can do to help reduce our carbon footprint. In effect, it's a climate change "coverup."

Watch the episode.

Do You Care About Justice?


Attorney/author Mark M. Bello and writer/commentator Bob Gatty co-host Justice Counts, a podcast that goes beyond the law to what matters to people, what's fair, what's right, what's justice.

"If you look up "justice" in the dictionary," Mark says, "you'll find something like 'just or fair behavior or treatment.' So justice is not just a legal term, it's a broader term and in a broader sense, it's giving people what they deserve."

Our guests are those skilled in the law as well as people who seek justice, in one of its many forms in our daily lives. The episodes are filled with insight, info, and no small amount of humor.

Episodes stream bi-weekly every other Monday on all major podcast platforms.

Here's the latest episode:

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