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Reactionary Nutcases

Today I overheard two old geezers get into a conversation about equal rights for women. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

They were talking about their wives and how long they'd been married. One guy, Mike, said 45 years. His buddy, Joe, said, "That's really something, especially in this day and age. Congratulations!"

"Yea," Mike added. "But you know things are different today, especially since women got the idea they can go out and get jobs outside the house."

"For sure," said Joe. "Do you believe in that women's rights stuff?"

"Well, I once worked in a plant and this woman put a bid in for a job as a forklift operator and she got it. That took away a man's job. That wasn't right."

Wonder what these two geniuses would think about what was just announced in The Washington Post? Here's the headline:

For the first time, a woman is set to complete the grueling Marine Corps Infantry Officer Course

So for the first time, a woman will finish a punishing 13-week course that many men fail to complete, and will become eligible to serve as an infantry officer, leading infantry MARINES in combat, or serving as ground intelligence officers who can lead scout sniper platoons or recon units if they finish additional training.

Takes a tough individual -- man or woman -- to complete that training and an even tougher one to do the jobs for which he or she is being prepared.

So Mike and Joe...what do you think of that? Is that woman unfairly taking away some man's job?

Are you kidding me? People still feel that way? Incredible.

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