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Another Disgraced Hypocrite

It's incredible how these guys continue to believe that the standards they try to shove down other peoples' throats do not apply to them. In the end, it seems that their actions always are revealed and come back to bite them.

I'm talking, of course, about Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), the married, holier than thou anti-abortion lawmaker who asked his sexy mistress to have an abortion when he thought she might be pregnant.

In case you haven't heard about this guy, Here's the story from Fox News.

At first, when a local Pittsburgh newspaper printed a tweet from Murphy's mistress calling him out for his abortion request even as he had "papered" the world with his anti-abortion messages, Murphy said he would not run for reelection next year. He claimed he didn't send those messages, it was his staff. But that didn't fly. Murphy's chief of staff outed him by saying he was a nasty, inconsiderate, abusive boss and he leaked proof of Murphy's statements, according to NBC News.

So today House Speaker Paul Ryan welcomed Murphy's resignation. Good riddance, It's just another disgusting incident about yet another Washington political hypocrite.

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