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In the aftermath of unspeakable evil, it is healing to know so many everyday people reached out, bravely risked their lives trying to save others.

I'm talking, of course, about the shooting in Las Vegas that claimed at least 58 lives and injured more than 500 more as Stephen Paddock, 64, rained bullets onto a crowd of people attending a country music concert far below his 32nd floor Mandalay Bay hotel suite.

This article from the Washington Post tells the story of just some of those heroes.

There was former minor league baseball player Todd Blyleven who led people to safety and then went back into the field of fire to help save more. Blyleven, with no medical training, said he just felt he had to do whatever he could to help save lives.

There was 53-year-old financial advisor Mike McGarry who laid on top of his children to shield them. "They're 20, I'm 53. I've had a good life," he explained.

Then, there was Sonny Melton who was fatally shot as he laid on top of his young wife on their anniversary trying to protect her.

Undoubtedly, there were many more such acts of heroism -- all made necessary because Paddock decided, for whatever reason, to murder as many people as possible before killing himself.

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