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Up, Up and Away!

A man and a woman, total strangers, were arrested the other day after passengers on a Delta flight complained that the woman performed oral sex on the man while in their seats during the flight.

The Detroit Free Press reported yesterday that the pair apparently will avoid criminal charges, but may have to pay a fine of $800 each or more for their behavior.

"Whatever happens in the air, stays in the air," the newspaper's story said.

Here's more from the Free Press:

The 48-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the 28-year-old man, leading to complaints from nearby passengers.

Former federal prosecutor Peter Henning said he doubts the couple will face any criminal charges. At most, he said, the couple would be cited for lewd and lascivious behavior.

"It’s going to be very hard to find that this is criminal conduct under the federal code because it’s not a threat to the safety of the airline, or other passengers," said Henning. "It’s certainly distasteful, but it was not disruptive or interfering with the operation of the plane — and that’s typically what (airline incident) charges involve ... The embarrassment is probably the biggest punishment they can receive "

According to Detroit Metro Airport spokesperson Erica Donerson, the two passengers were taken into custody at the airport terminal when the plane landed on Sunday. It was coming from Los Angeles. Airport police, who had been alerted about the incident by Delta crew, were there waiting and transported the couple to the airport's safety building.

Detroit's former FBI Chief Andy Arena said this is a first for him. "I've never seen anything like this," Arena said. "It's criminal stupidity, felony stupidity."

I guess those two really wanted to join the "Mile High Club," but it sounds like a pretty costly out-come to me.

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