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Reflecting on Roses

I received a tweet the other day from a young woman whom I hired many years ago to serve as my executive assistant at a national trade association. Her name is Joy T. J. Riley. It said:"@bobgatty I want to publicly thank you for taking a chance on me so many yrs ago. You unlocked a door in a major way."

I hadn't heard from Joy in a long time, although I do see her postings on Twitter from time to time. She's at @getJOYnTheMorn, and she's now an author and speaker focused on uplifting and motivating people in an encouraging, positive way. That is so typical Joy and why I always appreciated her at work.

I responded to Joy with thanks, and asked her what prompted that thank you after all these years. Her response was simple: "It's good to give ppl their roses while they're living because tomorrow is not promised to any of us."

She is so right.

I thought of that today when I read all of the accolades from the sports world about retired star pitcher Ray Halladay, who died yesterday in a private airplane crash. On twitter, especially, comment after comment about what a wonderful person he was, both on and off the field.

Got me to wondering how many of them gave him "roses" during his lifetime, like Joy did for me. Sure, many commenters were strangers, fans. But many were not.

Today, our lives are so hectic, both parents working and chasing careers, kids sent off to school before they are born, it seems, and stress building to the point that we yell and scream when somebody doesn't turn right on red.

It's good to pause for a minute and reflect, and to recognize those in our lives who are important to us, who have helped us along the way. Say, "Thanks for being there." "Thanks for helping me." And don't miss any chance to tell those you love that you do.

Because, like Joy said, you never know. "Tomorrow is not promised to any of us."

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