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Me of Little Faith

BY A GuEST BLOGGER — Until now, I've always felt spirituality, that there might or should be a higher power, even though there was no proof.

Think about it, how did the universe come about; there should have been some plan, right? Who or what was in charge? What was the beginning like? What will the end be like?

Philosophy. Religion.

I was brought up in a Catholic household, but wondered about it by the time 7th or 8th grade came around. How could there be one true religion, when there were just so many in the world? They could not all be wrong; they could not all be going to hell, even though the nuns said so. They could not all be bad people.

Still, for all of my life, I've said those Catholic prayers, a comforting mantra, with faith that someone, something, somewhere was listening; that prayer had power. I have very close friends who have uncompromising faith that makes me jealous...wish I could, wish I could.

Catholicism when I grew up is much akin to evangelical Christianity today, so I have to ask, is anyone in eighth grade in Alabama asking the same questions I did?

I can try to understand the faith, but, really, where are the questions? Especially now.

Recently, if I try to say a prayer, I have to stop...hope that goes away.

Joan Sloane, a resident of Myrtle Beach, SC, is a guest blogger on Not Fake News. She is a committed activist who is convinced that our country is in danger because of today's political leadership and that each of us has a responsibility to make our voices heard in whatever way we can.

Editor's Note: I would like to invite Not Fake News readers to submit articles for publication. I do reserve the right to accept or reject submissions and to edit for grammar and style. -- Bob Gatty

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