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Mary Brown's Christmas

In front of the Walmart on Route 501 near Conway, SC, a young woman spreads more Christmas cheer than just about anyone I've met in a long time. Her name is Mary Brown, and she's a bell ringer for the Salvation Army.

But as you can see from the video, Mary is not just your ordinary Salvation Army bell ringer. She dances, arms raised, smiling ear to ear. Her bell never stops ringing. And people can't help but stop and drop some money into her kettle.

I asked Mary why she does what she does, and if you listen carefully on the video, you'll hear her explain that she was a foster child from the age of 5 and the Salvation Army helps foster children, and that they helped her. So she comes out every Christmas season and rings the bell and helps raise money for that program.

"The Salvation Army makes my Christmas possible," she said.

What Mary Brown does in front of that store makes Christmas possible for many others, i'm sure. In just the few minutes I was there, I watched as numerous shoppers topped by to place some money into her kettle. Her dancing attracts attention. Her smile is infectious. Talk about Christmas cheer! That's Mary Brown!

"How can you not contribute?" one man said to me, grinning as he walked towards his car with his wife. "She's really something."

Mary, I hope you have a great Christmas and that you continue to spread the joy. You are what Christmas is all about.

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