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It's "Merry Christmas." Always Has Been

If you listen to Fox News and many of Trump's die hard supporters, you would think their president is solely responsible for making it OK to say "Merry Christmas" once again. If you believe that, you are just swallowing another line of propaganda spun by the Trumpster to work up his evangelical base.

It's always been OK to say "Merry Christmas." The use of "Happy Holidays" was simply initiated for the convenience of marketers who needed to be inclusive. There was no intent to diminish the importance of Christianity. At least that's my view. And here's what Wikipedia has to say.

Now, when you listen to Trump, you would think he's responsible for bringing Christmas back to the White House. If you believe that, you've apparently forgotten the images of President Obama and his family singing Christmas carols together in front of the national Christmas tree and the time President Obama gave federal workers the day off on Christmas Eve.

Check out this story in The Washington Post, which covers this topic rather effectively.

I've heard some people say how nice it is that it's OK to say Merry Christmas again. Really? "Merry Christmas" never went away. However, it is true that our country has become much more diverse, with increasing numbers of people who are faithful to other forms of religion. So how can trying to be inclusive by using "Happy Holidays" be wrong, or too politically correct. It's just being considerate.

For me, it's "Merry Christmas," regardless of who I'm talking to. I have no way of knowing the religion of everyone I might meet this time of year. So, I say, "Merry Christmas," but it's fine with me if they respond with, "Happy Holidays, Bob. Have a great one!"

After all, it's just an expression of good will, and isn't that what this season is supposed to be about?

So, Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you have a great day!

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