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#NeverAgain. Students Speak Out

A group of South Carolina students expressed their concerns this week about going to school in an atmosphere where public officials refuse to take meaningful action to protect them from a potential deranged gunman with an assault rifle.

These six young men and women, two college and four high school students, spoke calmly but with emotion as they pleaded with adult lawmakers to ban AR-15 style assault weapons and toughen background checks when people try to purchase weapons.

The question they did not ask, but what was implied, was "What do you value more? Your kids or the money and political support you get from the National Rifle Association? Do you care more about us or political power?"

For many young people who have yet to be indoctrinated by the often cynical political process, issues are not really that complicated. Either you are with us and care about us or you don't. And in this case, these students made it clear that when they vote -- and five of the six will in the November election -- this issue will be at the core of their decision.

Two of the students plan to run for office. One young man already knows which incumbent office holder he is targeting. One of the young women, off camera, said flat-out that she plans to seek political office -- possibly Congress. I know her well. She's not messing around.

Above is the video we finished yesterday with these students. Take a listen. It is worth a couple of minutes of your time. I am proud of them all.

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