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Debbie Winkler: Making America Humane Again

Chicken undergoes agility jump at Humane Domain in Maryland

The other day I wrote a blog about how raising fancy chickens is the latest status symbol among the too-rich set in California and one of my most loyal readers, Debbie Winkler, sent me the above picture of a chicken undergoing agility tests -- for real -- on her Maryland farm called Humane Domain.

What? Really?

Well, it turns out that Debbie is certified in animal behavior and training and a certified humane education and environmental enrichment specialist. All I really knew is that she's a hell of a dog trainer, as she worked with me to train my Red Husky, Sundance, some 10 years ago, and that she likes NFN.

But what Debbie does at her farm in Maryland is incredible. Here, I'll let her tell the story:

"So kids come to the farm and meet the goats, alpaca and sheep and get some raw wool and fiber and learn the process of turning it into yarn and they each get some yarn. They meet the little horses and get to interact with them, and then they meet the chickens.

"Most of the chickens can be picked up and carried around and they get to see what "free range" really means--the chickens are everywhere, so are our three turkeys. You can even find them sitting on the other animals and all over the farm.

"When people come they follow us like dogs will. The kids get to see a show--like agility--and take home some eggs that vary in color from white, to brown, to blue, green and purple.

"Then we ask how they felt about the animals and what sort of things they have learned, what sort of connection they made etc.

"The kids, typically between 5-12, all say they loved the animals and some say wow--the chickens do agility like their dogs. They laugh and take pictures and carry them and they all want to return.

"Our goal is to influence children to not support factory farming and to support the humane raising and treatment of all animals. Humane education involves the humane treatment of all people, all animals and the environment--much needed!"

Debbie offered this link for more info regarding the Association of Professional Humane Educators. If you're interested, please check it out.

You can also learn more about Debbie's Humane Domain here, and connect with her on Facebook here. Her sidekick at Humane Domain is Paulette Ringley, who is certified in aquatic health and closed ecosystems. Paulette specialized in breeding, raising & training exotic birds and Koi for nearly 30 years in Sykesville Maryland.

We need more people in the world like Debbie Winkler and Paulette Ringley.

Now isn't that much more uplifting than yesterday's entry about Trump's bimbo, Stormy Daniels appearing in strip joints?

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