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SC Gov. McMaster: Dinosaur Days are Numbered

In one of the most absurd political statements I've ever seen, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster called yesterday's student marches against guns "shameful" and that the students should "pray and hope" instead of demonstrating. He said they are the tools of left-wing groups that are just using them to their advantage.

Really? Those Florida students who saw their classmates and teacher massacred by an AR-15 are just tools of left-wing zealots? How dare you, Gov. McMaster? How dare you?

No wonder I'm working my butt off here to help the Democratic party in the Nov. 6 election. This man is an idiot, a dinosaur and he needs to be ousted.

As I wrote yesterday, children in Horry County schools were prohibited from going outside to demonstrate and many are upset. Some parents are considering legal action and the ACLU appears interested. That policy, couched in an excuse for public safety, is ridiculous.

I posted the article about McMaster's comments on the party's website and in just a couple hours it's been swamped with responses from South Carolinians. Here are just a few taken from a screen shot.

There are dozens more, generally making the same points. But the key is that parents of these kids, who so bravely are fighting for their own safety, are up in arms. While many of the students will vote this fall, their parents most certainly will. And the days of the dinosaurs like McMaster are numbered.

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