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Trump: A Reader's Questions

Trump investigation: What will we know, and when will we know it?

Despite the millions of words that have been written about the Donald Trump presidency and the Mueller-Russia investigation, many questions continue to simmer, some of which may be cleared up when the special prosecutor finishes his work -- and some that may never be answered.

For example, a Not Fake News reader sent me the following note via LinkedIn the other day, and I thought it was worth repeating here. He asks some pretty interesting questions.

Wrote the reader:

"I would love to know more about:

"1) What really happened with Donald Trump's personal body guard who very randomly resigned a few months ago and since then he has gone way undercover. He must have stories to tell;

"2) The real back story on the financial support that the Kushner companies have received;

"3) The real connection between Mercer and the Trump campaign and the 2016 election;

"4) Erik Prince's real involvement and the back channel story that seems to finally be coming more into focus and

"5) Russian oligarch's and how much Trump really owes them.

"We have never seen anything like this and hopefully we never will again!!!"

The answer to question number one is that the bodyguard, Keith Schiller, recently signed a $15,000 per month contract with the Republican National Committee to provide security services for the 2020 GOP Convention. CNN cited Federal Election Commission reports indicating that Schiller began receiving his checks in October 2017, around the same time that he left the White House.

The other questions are not quite so easy to answer, but I have no doubt that most of them will be clarified as the Mueller investigation unfolds. The answer to question no 5 may prove to be the most interesting of all.

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