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Hey Trump: What About the Stock Market Now?

Despite all of the best advice from renowned economists and other experts, our brilliant President has insisted on imposing devastating tariffs on aluminum and steel plus imported goods from China, and the result is one giant hole in our meagre retirement nest egg.

So, Mr. Trump, what do you say now about the stock market? Haven't heard much bragging about it in the last few weeks since you started this idiocy. First it plunged hundreds of points after you announced the aluminum and steel tariffs. Now today, on the news of the China tariffs, it's down another 700 points.

Doesn't matter that anybody with any brains and understanding of history has warned you that these tariffs would be catastrophic and would start a nasty trade war. Hell, you don't care. You've got a gut feeling it's the thing to do, you always wanted such tariffs, and so you're imposing them -- expert advice be damned.

A letter signed Monday by 49 of the nation's largest retailers, including Walmart, Target and Costco, argues the tariffs would hurt working families who shop in their stores -- many of whom are supposedly Trump voters.

"As you continue to investigate harmful technology and intellectual property practices, we ask that any remedy carefully consider the impact on consumer prices. We must do right by American families while also addressing harmful technology practices," the letter said.

Other business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, several tech groups and trade associations that represent retailers, agriculture, telecommunications, clothing and the auto parts industry, have warned against such sanctions. A letter signed by 45 industry trade groups says imposing tariffs would only hurt US businesses and consumers and would not be an effective way to reign in China's worst practices.

So what does that mean? Higher prices to the American consumer, that's what. So, Trump voters, enjoy your little pay raise from Trump's and the Republicans tax cut bill. That will be gone in very short order when you go to the store to buy clothes and virtually anything else from China and anything made of aluminum and steel, like cars.

No matter. Trump's imposing the sanctions because he can, so now the Chinese are preparing a tit-for-tat response by placing tariffs on U.S. agricultural products such as soybeans that have big markets in China, and no doubt that will only be the beginning.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of Trump's pretend Mr. Macho presidency. He is ruining our country and it is my fervent hope that come November Congress is flipped to Democratic control so impeachment proceedings will commence and he will be gone. Of course, then we'll have to deal with Pence, but at least he hasn't been compromised by hookers and the Russians. Hell, he won't even go to dinner with a woman unless his wife also attends.

I can't wait for Robert S. Muller to complete his investigation and to announce Trump's complicity with Russia in sabotaging our election and his subsequent actions obstructing justice.

His campaign slogan, Make America Great Again, is a joke. America has always been great. We didn't need Trump to come in and pretend to be the Lone Ranger to make it better. What we need now is a President who will work with Congress and the American people to Make America America Again!

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