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Immigration: Trump Targets Killers & Rapists?

Today President Trump tweeted "No more DACA deal" and urged his Republican pals in Congress to enact hard-line immigration legislation. He did it just before going to church for Easter services.

Trump also blasted Mexico for being too lax about border security and said illegals have been "flying through the border," and it's got to stop. In the past, he famously said Mexican immigrants are rapists and murderers and that he would make Mexico pay for his idiotic border wall.

Now, Trump is blaming Democrats for ruining chances for President Obama's DACA program to be continued in any way. That's because Democrats refused to cave to his demand to allow the DACA "dreamers" to remain in the U.S. only if they would back funding for his wall.

So he blames Democrats when it was he, Trump, who has held the "dreamers" hostage.

Today, just as his No DACA deal tweet was reported in the media, the Washington Post carried a lengthy article about a Mexican woman who has been in the U.S. for some 30 years, is thoroughly loved by residents of the tiny Colorado town in which she lives, but is now living in a little church so ICE agents won't be able to enforce her deportation order. She is not the only immigrant in this situation. Just check out the video above for another example.

Rosa Sabido is known far and wide for her tamales that she used to sell throughout the town from her car, but now makes in the church kitchen for pickup. She's lived in the little church since June 2, 2017 after the congregation voted to open its doors as a sanctuary.

According to the Post article, Rosa is not a “dreamer,” one of the 800,000 immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children and now waiting for the courts to decide whether they can be deported.

She is not one of the violent criminals often targeted by Trump, or one of the life-or-death cases that sometimes appear in the news. She simply is one of roughly 10 million immigrants without proper legal documents living ordinary lives in America.

Rosa is 53, unmarried and without children, who first came to the United States on a visitor visa in 1987 to see her mother and stepfather, both naturalized citizens who lived in Cortez, CO. She traveled between Colorado and Mexico for a decade until immigration officials raised questions about her visa and told her to leave the country. So, she crossed back into the United States illegally and settled into a quiet life in Cortez.

Rosa got a job as a secretary for the local Catholic parish and made extra money selling homemade tamales out of her car. But in 2008 she was arrested during a raid targeting relatives and released on the condition that she check in with the federal immigration office in Durango. So she did that every year, requesting stays of deportation which were granted until last May, when she was notified that her latest request had been denied.

That led to her moving into the church, where she's been staying ever since along with the boxes of documents representing years of trying to legalize her status. There is much more to her story, and you need to read it here.

But my point is that Trump's immigration focus on criminals and rapists and drug dealers is so much BS. It is simply hard-line without heart. It typifies his presidency, which plays to the unrealistic emotions of those who believe his rhetoric that he has created precisely to feed into their mindset.

It is sad, what is happening to our country under this president. Truly sad.

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