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Are Sex Robots Healthy? Who Cares?

"No Evidence that Sex Robots are Healthy" reads the headline in the Washington Post this morning. Now that story intrigued me.

Not because I'm interested in fooling around with a sex robot -- that seems kinda cold to me and more than a little weird. But I guess there are people out there...

Anyway, you can read the details for yourself in the Post piece, but essentially it says there is a $30 billion industry out there that makes and sells these things, with some costing as much as $15K. Man, you gotta be hard up to spend that kind of dough on what amounts to a cuddling machine.

The Post says that $15K machine is named Harmony, a union of silicone curves and silicon chips. It has software that remembers birthdays and can quote Shakespeare, according to the Guardian. Harmony is also equipped for intimate human-robot relations.

I guess it would be interesting for some to quote Shakespeare while having sex, but that doesn't really seem like a turn-on to me. I can just hear it now. Jackie says, "O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

"I'm right here, baby, can't you tell?"

Not so good.

Sex doll maker Realbotix, in its marketing materials, bills Harmony as “the perfect companion.” They also announced in March that Henry, a male robot that speaks with a British accent and has artificial intelligence is on the way.

According to the Daily Mail, Henry will be six feet tall, endowed with a six pack, and comes with the penis model of your choice. What's more, once you sync him up with a corresponding app, he'll be able to say what you want to hear -- that ought to make a lot of women happy.

Seriously, the company says he's programmed with the ability to recite poetry and the lyrics to your favorite songs, tell you jokes, and welcome you home at the end of a long day — all in his British accent.

Maybe for voyeurs Harmony and Henry could get it on.

Now the Post article explores whether having sex with Harmony or Henry is healthy or not. If you care about exploring that question, read the article. Here's the link again. I'm just glad it gave me fodder for this blog, which I think takes the cake.

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