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The Kecksburg UFO Landing Coverage Revealed

Today, the Kecksburg, PA UFO Festival concluded with a jam-packed UFO conference at the Kecksburg EMS Building near the Kecksburg Fire Hall and I had a lot of fun revealing the details of my coverage of the landing of this unidentified flying object the evening of December 9, 1965.

I've written numerous blogs here about that incident, so I won't bore you with repeating those details here. I am posting my 12-minute presentation above in case you are the least bit interested. I do apologize because the sound system kept going in and out -- something I didn't realize until I listened to the video.

Ron Struble, Kecksburg VFD (l), and Bob Gatty

Regardless, it was a lot of fun, and I want to thank Paranormal researcher and UFO expert Stan Gordon, who invited me to speak, and Ron Struble, of the Kecksburg VFD, who was in charge of the Festival, for his hospitality.

I'm shown with Ron in the photo at left and Gordon in the photo below.

Stan Gordon, UFO researcher, (l) and Bob Gatty

There were more than 200 people packed inside the EMS building, and besides my talk they heard Gordon talk about Big Foot sightings and all manner of other unexplained developments in the Western Pennsylvania area.

They also heard a ghost hunter explain in detail why ghosts are real and how you can see them, along with all kinds of other weird happenings.

Bob Gatty with creature from the Kecksburg UFO (Festival)

Film maker Cody Knotts (right) with Bob Gatty

Cody Knotts, a filmmaker from the area, is working on a new movie, "Kecksburg," which is a fictional piece based on the Kecksburg UFO events. Cody was at the Festival with a team of supporters, selling T-shirts promoting the movie, and selling VIP tickets to the premier in Greensburg when it occurs.

Here's Cody with me in the pic at left.

I now believe that I have fulfilled my Kecksburg UFO responsibilities by traveling from South Carolina to Pennsylvania to speak at this conference, but I have no doubt that there will be further developments.

That's because some eye witnesses appeared at the Festival and told both Gordon and me how they actually saw the UFO when it landed. And, according to Gordon, some photos had been taken of the actual UFO by another reporter who later died mysteriously in a car accident.

For my part, I know this story won't go away. It's followed me ever since that night in December 1965, so I fully expect to be reporting on future developments. I just have no way to know what they will be or when they will occur.

It is still a big mystery.

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