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WHO is the ENEMY of the PEOPLE?

Donald Trump: the enemy of the people, not the media.

President Trump continues his war against the news media calling journalists "the Enemy of the People," a tactic that might whip up his loyal 30 percent base, but one that I believe is dangerous and totally irresponsible.

Actually, one might turn that label around, because if anybody truly is the "enemy of the people," it is Donald Trump, the would-be dictator who with the help of the GOP is endangering our country in untold numbers of ways.

Trump simply cannot stand it when media outlets call him out on his lies, his exaggerations, his misstatements. He cannot abide the fact that his relationship with Russia is being slowly and methodically unwrapped in the Mueller investigation. He is turning on his friends, including his former bagman who once said he would "take a bullet" for Trump.

So, Trump keeps going to these rallies where he can suck up the adulation from his supporters. The more he whips them up with his hateful rhetoric, the more they cheer, the better he likes it, and the more dangerous he becomes.

Today, even his former and very temporary communications director Anthony Scaramucci said on TV that Trump was wrong to continue his war against the media. He made the comment just hours after this tweet by Trump:

""I've said that consistently that they're not the enemy," Scaramucci said on CNN's "Reliable Sources". "You can have an adversarial relationship, you can disagree with people in the press ... But I don't like the war declaration because it will lead to something that none of us really want."

National reporters and commentators are receiving death threats from Trump's true believers. What if one of them actually follows through and shoots somebody?

Trump is playing a dangerous, irresponsible game.

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