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Taxpayers to Cough up $92 Million to Satisfy Trump's Ego

Who am I without my big parade?

OK Trumpsters, hope you're happy. Along with the rest of us, you're about to get whacked for a $92 million tax bill just so Donald Trump, the draft dodger, can stand at his fake attention and give his fake salute to his military parade.

What? Is that what he needs to feel important? If so, let him get a bunch of Tonka Toys and push them around the White House living room.

Originally, the parade was supposed to be held November 10 in Washington, DC, but now Pentagon officials, apparently sensitive to mounting criticism and the high cost, are saying it will be sometime next year to give them time to look for "other alternatives."

Trump apparently got the idea when he visit France and saw a similar parade there. "Gee, I want one of those," he apparently told his henchmen. At first they thought it was just a whim, but later Trump repeated the request in front of a bunch of top military brass and they figured it was an order.

But the Republicans in Congress didn't have to give Trump his stupid parade. They didn't have to provide the money in the monster military appropriations bill, which they did. As this Washington Post article points out, Trump would never have vetoed that bill had the parade money not been included. But they simply sucked up to Trump, regardless of the fact that the only way to pay for it is to add to the already ballooning federal debt.

The first reaction, of course, is to say, "You know what else could be done with that money?"

  • How about providing better health care for our military personnel after they leave the service?

  • How about making sure no veteran is homeless and without a good paying job?

  • How about improving our schools at a time when teachers are forced to buy school supplies for their students with their own money?

  • How about taking care of seniors instead of figuring out a way to screw Social Security and Medicare?

  • How about covering tuition costs for medical school students at a time when there is a growing shortage in family medicine and several specialties -- and med school students graduate in debt to the tune of $150 K or more?

  • How about fixing our voting systems so the Russians can't fix our elections?

I could go on and on, and I bet you could, too.

But, unless the top brass in the military figure out a way to sidestep this plan, we are going to be subjected to that image of Donald Trump standing there with that ugly smirk on his face saluting our military men and women as they march by in full review.

And we get to pay for it.

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