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Trump Gets Shafted -- Again

More fallout from the Cohen case...

I swore today I was not going to write another Donald Trump blog, but then I saw the pic above sent to me by loyal Not Fake News subscriber Bob Friedman.

So, I couldn't resist.

Yesterday, the news came that David Pecker, chairman of the National Enquirer, has been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for information about Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen, urging Pecker to buy exclusive rights to a story about an alleged affair between Trump and a former Playboy model Karen McDougal, and then kill it.

So Pecker spiked the story and it was not published.

Here's how New York Magazine's National Intelligencer reported it yesterday:

By purchasing McDougal’s story — with the intention of sparing the GOP standard-bearer a political headache — the Enquirer chairman had implicated himself in a potential campaign finance violation.

And while Pecker and Trump had been longtime friends, the former wasn’t prepared to risk jail time for the latter. So, when federal authorities offered him immunity in exchange for information about Cohen’s hush payments to both McDougal and adult film star Stormy Daniels, Pecker told them what he knew.

The headline on the MSNBC telecast shown above presumes that Trump is worried about Pecker's leaks in the matter.

Well, if he's not worried, I bet he most certainly is pissed.

The story prompted a lot of Pecker puns yesterday, and some rather creative tweets, as well. Here's one:

And, another one:

OK, that's enough.

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