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Not Fake News Celebrates First Anniversary

A year ago this month I decided to launch Not Fake News, this blog site that is dedicated to entertaining, informing, discussing, connecting and having fun.

Since then, through connections on social media, Google and word-of-mouth, the NFN audience has steadily grown and many readers have signed up as subscribers, which enables them to receive every post directly via email. If you haven't subscribed yet, just use the form at right and submit your email address. It's free, of course, and you won't have to rely on social media for the blogs.

One of the most important features of Not Fake News is our growing list of guest bloggers. So far, 15 different writers have contributed, including one blog bylined by Sundance the Dog (my Red Husky).

It's great to have these different voices and points-of-view in Not Fake News and if you're interested in contributing, just drop me an email at I'd love to hear from you.

The Store

A couple of months ago I decided to begin offering special shirts, caps, mugs, etc. with messaging that reflects timely issues and the NFN point of view. These include the Blue Wave and First Amendment collections, plus items just promoting Not Fake News and the Karleigh Collection--designs by young artist Karleigh Campman. She has one shirt for sale and I'm hoping for more illustrations from her so we can add to that group of products.

Of course, the Blue Wave collection features items with messaging that supports the election of Democrats in the coming election. There are shirts and caps, and most designs can be used for mugs, golf shirts and mousepads. The same goes for the The First Amendment Collection, developed to emphasize the importance of freedom of the press, prompted by Trump calling the press "the enemy of the people."

You can check out these products as well as Karleigh's shirt and the Not Fake News collection here.

The Forum

A new feature of Not Fake News being rolled out today is our Forum. It is a place for discussion about a variety of topics. If you sign up, you can start discussions and respond. I established this to build our community and encourage dialogue.

So far, topic areas are: Politics, Sports, Environment, Human Relations, Cooking/Food, Health Care, Technology and Women's Rights. If you like the idea and would like to see other areas included, please let me know. Find the Forum in the dropdown menu under "More." Join NFN as a Member to participate.

Comments & Ideas

I encourage readers to take advantage of the Comment box on the home page as well as on each individual blog page. Simply type in your comment regarding a specific blog, add your email address, and it will be posted, pending my approval. I do not censor: only blogs that are nasty and in poor taste are not approved, and this has never happened.

I'm always looking for ideas for topics as I try to provide entries every day. You can submit ideas in the Idea box at the right side of the page or by emailing me at

Finally, I'd like your suggestions about ways to improve Not Fake News. Please tell me what you like, what you don't like, what you think is missing, how it can be improved. Don't hold back -- I can take it.

Thanks to all for your loyal support. Looking forward to another year of an even better Not Fake News.

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