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Time for Unity, Not Fear

Unity is good.

With all of the divisiveness and rancor that currently exists, I think we all need to figure out how to play nice; how to come together; how to have rational discussions without getting crazy over Trump or immigrants or whatever.

So I decided to develop a few messages that go to that point, and those messages can be found on new T-shirts now available in the Not Fake News online store -- just in time for the holidays.

This shirt was developed in response to the atmosphere of fear that has been stoked by President Trump in an effort to whip up support in the recent elections. Since when is our country governed based on fear? Since when do we elect people because we are afraid of the terrible consequences that would occur if their opponents got into office?

For me, working together for the common good is what this country is supposed to be about. Not Fear.

That's why I developed this shirt with the image above, two hands, one red and one blue, reaching towards the other above the slogan, "We're all in this together."

With all of the headaches and hassles in our daily lives, and with the divisions that beset us, if we could only remember that we all face problems and issues every day, and just reach out to help one another, wouldn't that be great?

With a caricature of three children, black, white and Asian, this shirt has a simple message:

"Diversity is Good."

We all need to remember this and teach it to our children. That would go a long way towards ending many of the divisions and, frankly, much of the fear in today's society.

In addition, there are several other new offerings in the Not Fake News store, including this new Not Fake News hoodie. It's warm and comfy, and simply includes our logo on the front. Check out the store -- there are similar T-shirts, a golf shirt, and caps, too.

They are complimented by a short and long sleeved version of this shirt, which I really like. Can you guess why?

There's another shirt, that includes a thought that has

driven me throughout my entire adult life, particularly in my career as a journalist, writer and editor.

It came from the day that, as a young man just starting out, I was told that I couldn't succeed as a journalist because the competition was "just too tough."

And so came this slogan:


I've always believed that, and it's driven me to succeed in everything I've ever tried to do.

Hope you like these designs. There others, too, in the Not Fake News Shop. Maybe'll they'll give you some holiday shopping ideas!

PS: Most of these shirts come with the Not Fake News logo on the back. Caps, mousepads, tote bags are also available. If you would like any of those items, but don't see them in the store product lineup, I'll get them for you. Just use the comment box at the right to let me know what you need. Otherwise, just place your order in the Not Fake News Shop and we'll take care of it. Credit cards and Pay Pal are accepted.

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