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The New Symbol of America?

When our children and grandchildren are taught in school about the symbol of America, what will it be? The image above, or the image below?

The Statue of Liberty stands as a symbol of America, of freedom, of hope for a better life.

Tragically, if Donald Trump continues on his path of hate and division, that image of the razor wire in Nogales, NM may be what those children think of -- Trump's symbol of protecting America from immigrants searching for safety and a better life.

The deadly concertina wire was installed by the U.S. military under the direction of the Trump administration without consulting Nogales officials, who Wednesday evening passed a resolution condemning the action and demanding that its immediate removal.

The city council's resolution declares that concertina wire is designed to cut into flesh and can prove to be fatal and that the wire installed by the government violates city law prohibiting the use of such wire except in specific instances and then only at a maximum height of six feet.

Further, the council's resolution states that "No military force or the use of military type tactics designed to inflict indiscriminate harm be allowed in the City of Nogales without the Declaration of War by Congress of the United States or the Declaration of a National Emergency."

Of course, with Trump, that declaration of a national emergency could be forthcoming after Feb. 15, assuming Congress does not approve funding for his wall. That remains to be seen.

Concertina wire has become a visible symbol of Trump's immigration policies, which have included deployment of thousands of troops to the border to ward off immigrants seeking asylum in the U.S. Those troops have installed the deadly wire at or near several official crossings, or ports of entry, at the U.S.-Mexico border.

In late November, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said the military had sent 36 miles of concertina wire for use in California, Arizona, and Texas. It's a sure bet that more has been sent since then.

So what will be the image for our children?

Which image do we want?

What kind of America do we want?

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