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Vladimir Putin Speaks to the American People -- Part 2

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the American people.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reaching out, directly, to the American people -- especially those who voted for President Trump and who continue to support him -- expressing his appreciation for all Trump is doing to benefit Russia and Putin, himself.

Putin's messages come to America via Frank Elfland, of Myrtle Beach, SC, a retired television advertising executive, who has passed them along to Not Fake News asking that we disseminate them as widely as possible.

Elfland has scripted Putin's comments, which he translated from Russian, for use in possible television commercials. This is the second of two installments, the first published March 6. Here, are Putin's words to you, the American people:

8. Hello Americans! Vlady here. In Russia, we do not have fake news because dictated news keeps the controversy to a minimum. We welcome free speech and the funeral that follows. The Pro Russian Republican Party (PRRP) does not care that we meddled in your election because we always support the most mean-spirited candidates, which are usually Republicans. No self-respecting dictator would ever hep a Democrat. There are no liberal dictators. Liberal dictator is an oxymoron. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

9. Hello Americans. Vlady here. We Russians believe that America's greatest threat comes from south of the Rio Grande. Descendants of white Europeans do not commit crimes. It is those Latina mothers and their children who run the drug cartels and make your citizens become drug addicts. You know how bossy mothers can be. Walls can stop people that think they can stop people. Walls work by keeping your attention away from important stuff, like countries with armies and bombs. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

10. Vlady again. I am not able to vote in your elections. All I can do is try to influence how the most gullible of your eligible voters cast their votes. The PRRP has done its best for two years to convince you that I did not, would not, do anything of the sort. We sincerely thank the PRRP for their enthusiastic help. Attack from within. They may all become honorary Russians. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

11. Vlady here with a big shout out to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who, in defending the president's emergency said, 'Others are thinking about tomorrow, I'm only thinking about today!" That is what teenagers do. Act without regard to consequences. Xi Jinping and I always think about tomorrow. The PRRP always does the expedient, not the right and the necessary. Graham will be an honorary Russian. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

12. Vlady here with why I love right wing Americans. They think like dictators. They talk democracy, but the only rights they want are their own. Maybe they should all be honorary Russians and learn what freedom is really like in Russia. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

13. Vlady again with a big shout out to the CPAC group who applauded the death of Sen. John McCain. We Russians agree, although we did not even applaud the death of Joseph Stalin. I am Vladimir Putin and I approve this message.

No doubt President Putin will reach out to Frank Elfland again with additional messages as developments warrant. If so, we will bring them to you, our vast Not Fake News audience.

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