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New Alliance with Red Shock Radio

Here's some news about Not Fake News! We're entering into a new alliance with the popular podcast, Red Shock Radio, which will enable us to provide our commentary to our readers as well as to Red Shock's listeners.

Red Shock Radio was launched earlier this year by Niko (Nick) Masters and Red Ivars, two Long Island, NY friends since kindergarten, whose podcast includes their commentary about topics of interest, including news, pop culture, politics and even pranks.

Nick and Red do entertaining interviews on their show and the other day they interviewed me. It was a blast. We talked about Not Fake News, of course, and how it got started and why. We talked about my background as a journalist covering historic events, my experience as a congressional chief of staff, as a communications consultant and now as a blogger.

Nothing was sacred, not even my wife's rather large feet that once made it into Not Fake News as a blog topic.

Neither Nick nor Red are professional broadcasters. They simply are two pals who connect really well, even though it's now online -- Nick still back in New York and Red now in Myrtle Beach, SC, where I met him recently as he streamed commentary from Sen. Kamala Harris' campaign appearance a couple weeks ago.

Red explained that his family was involved in the construction union in New York City and Nick later also got a job working in that trade.

Here's why Red says Red Shock Radio was created and launched:

"Being in construction for 30 years your only best friend is the radio, so Nick and I enjoyed early Howard Stern broadcasts. Sometimes it was the only thing that would get you through the day. Cold buildings, dirty, dusty or sometimes really hot, and maybe hanging on a swing scaffold on the outside of the building -- that was our life. So, radio was our only friend.

Since Niko and I have more time, we thought that now would be the best time to get out there and meet the people, so we started Red Shock Radio, a podcast about everything and anything."

But they don't just sit in their respective studios. These guys get out there and cover news events and interesting activities, often streaming live as they did Wednesday night at the CNN Town Hall with Sen. Corey Booker, (D-NJ) in Orangeburg, SC. In the future, we'll let NFN readers know in advance when such events will be available via Red Shock Radio so you can tune in.

Our plans call for me to be interviewed regularly by Nick and Red to bring Red Shock Radio listeners the latest "news" from Not Fake News. I'm excited about that opportunity as we co-promote our respective sites and build our audiences.

Please check out Red Shock Radio when you have a chance. Just click on their logo at the right side of this article. For the initial podcast with me, click on the image above for a two-minute intro and here for more.

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