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'Keyboard Warrior' & Proud of It

Bob Gatty, "Keyboard Warrior"

The other day one of my Facebook friends, Johnny Watson who is a devoted supporter of President Trump, took issue with my blog criticizing Education Secretary (Yacht Lady) Betsy Devos for trying to eliminate federal funding for the Social Olympics.

In a lengthy exchange, reprinted below, Watson called me a "keyboard warrior."

Now I imagine he meant this derisively, but it doesn't matter. I really don't consider myself a "warrior," but I am determined to use my voice, my talents, and my growing Not Fake News platform to express my views about important issues and provide as much insight as I can. And since this is a blog site, that means I get to include my opinion.

So if that makes me a "keyboard warrior," great. I'll take it. I'm too old to be any other kind of warrior.

I started Not Fake News 17 months ago because I could not stay quiet in the face of Trump's constant labeling as "fake news" the news reports and editorials that criticize him or that call him out on his lies. That's where the name of this blog came from. What I write here is most certainly "NOT fake news".

So, Johnny, thanks for giving me a new nickname. Frankly, I kinda like it.

Here's that Facebook conversation I mentioned above:

I'll be a "keyboard warrior" any day. Hopefully, in some way it will make at least a small difference, and even if it doesn't, it still makes me feel good. Think I'll turn "Keyboard Warrior" into a shirt.

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