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Check Out New Writers Page

As Not Fake News grows, we've added several new contributing writers who are significantly enriching our content and enhancing our ability to inform. Additional writers are expected to join us very soon.

To help inform readers about these writers and the perspective that they bring to Not Fake News, we've added a new "Our Writers" page that is accessible by clicking on a tab at the top of the home page.

In addition to me, our lineup of contributors includes:

Stacy Fitzgerald, a full-time marketing and communications pro and part-time freelance writer using her considerable experience in living while black to engage in conscious storytelling.

CJ Waldron, a long-time English and Special Education teacher who offers insight into significant political developments affecting our nation.

V. Susan Hutchinson, a retired medical technologist who is a Red Cross volunteer. She pulls no punches when writing about political developments.

Helen Bass, a 16 year-old Junior in High School who writes with maturity and focuses on issues that affect her generation.

Stacie Pearman, a behavioral scientist who has focused on underserved and at-risk populations. She is passionate about opposing the conservative movement and loves to wear edgy t-shirts to proclaim it.

Stefan Varner, a leader in the LGBTQ community and a businessman who believes our politicians need to be more business-like. He is committed to helping to achieve equality for all.

Please visit the Our Writers page to learn more about these outstanding contributors to Not Fake News.

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