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This Week's Not Fake News with Red Shock Radio

Check out this week's news and commentary with me and Nick Mastro (center) and Red Ivar (upper left) from Red Shock Radio. This is the uncut, unedited version recorded today, and Nick and Red will probably kill me for posting it before they have a chance to work their editing magic.

But I'm sharing it with you now so you can be entertained if you have about a half-hour to kill. It's pretty funny and even a little bit informative.

Nick and Red are long-time -- I mean long-time -- pals from New York and they're hilarious. They are totally unintimidated by anything and practically no topic is off limits.

For example, in the middle of a discussion about AOC, the Green New Deal and climate change, Nick asked if we realized that cows do not fart -- even though they are known for being a source of methane gas. "They don't fart, they burp," said Nick. "I read that somewhere."

So much for verifying your facts, Nick. "I read it somewhere."

In this episode, we cover the Alabama ban on abortions that victimizes women for the precise political purpose of getting the law in front of Trump's right-wing U.S. Supreme Court with the hope that Roe v. Wade will be overturned. It's a cynical political move and one that your faithful commentators predict will backfire on conservatives.

We discuss a story this week from Not Fake News about the current shortage of doctors and the fact that President Trump's proposed budget would slash $49 billion from graduate medical education programs over the next decade. Tough enough to find a good doctor in many areas of the country now, let alone what will happen if the shortage worsens.

Like the days of Watergate, the Trump administration is stonewalling Congress, refusing to testify before investigating committees, prompting a crisis with an imperial presidency attempting to assert power over what is supposed to be an equal branch of the federal government. That receives a good bit of discussion on the show.

My report that the Red Hen restaurant in Virginia, which tossed out Sarah Huckabee Sanders last year, is now doing well despite intimidation and threats of violence from radical Trump supporter was met with approval by Nick and Red. They said it pays to stick to your guns when you're right -- or something to that effect.

The final item discussed on the show is the effort by the Waccamaw Indians to obtain federal recognition so they can properly bury their ancestors whose bones are currently unceremoniously stored in boxes and crates in museums around South Carolina.

I mentioned that I'm working on a documentary with videographer David Hinshaw to help promote the Waccamaw's cause and that a Go Fund Me campaign has been launched to fund the project. For more information about that, please click here.

Anyway, once you wade through a few minutes of preliminaries that will be edited out in the final version, I think you'll be entertained. Or, you may just think I've lost it. Either way, here it is.

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