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Who's Fooling Who?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Image by Ilona Frey from Pixabay

When asked about his multiple failures in making a light bulb, Thomas Edison famously replied, “I haven’t failed. I just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.”

Edison persevered and eventually invented the light bulb. He learned from his mistakes and perfected the process. We currently have a leader who, as a businessman, lost more money than anyone, yet continues to tout his business acumen as a reason to follow him. But, he hasn't "perfected" anything, except the art of lying and deception.

Now, unlike Edison, he is compounding his business mistakes by applying them to his approach to government. Despite losing over a billion dollars, his followers still believe this is a recipe for success. His Trade War with China, tax breaks for millionaires and America First, except when it comes to his own products, are policies that have failed n the past.

He refers to himself in the third person, calls himself a “stable genius”, says he’s “like really smart”,and claimed, as a candidate, to “know more than the generals” about world affairs, yet has threatened to sue the schools he’s attended if they release his grades or SAT scores.

Still, his base slavishly believes every word.

We are in dangerous territory. With the rise of white supremacists, continuing questionable conduct by law enforcement and a Democratic field of presidential candidates, we risk another four years or more of the same chaos. With the strength of his base, Trump hopes to ride strong economic numbers to re-election .

And it just might work. Bickering and infighting between the huge Democratic field could be used against them in the presidential campaign. This is a recipe for disaster on the Democratic side.

One can only hope that cooler, and wiser, heads will prevail. Otherwise, we are left struggling with the question raised in Star Wars:

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