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It Gets Easier, As We Get Older...

When you retire, you're supposed to kick back, relax, and not do anything you don't want -- or have -- to do. Right? Relax. Read. Go to the beach. Take a walk. Well, it doesn't work that way for me.

I can't stand inactivity, just sitting around watching the grass grow or even watching the waves roll in. And so, in the two-plus years since my official "retirement" from my communications business, I've taken on a lot of projects -- launching Not Fake News is one of them, and working as a volunteer to help elect Democrats here in the crimson state of South Carolina is another.

But as I've done that, I often find myself in the same old deadline trap that I experienced in my actual job, with stress and pressure mounting, as often it seems there isn't enough time or support, to reach our goals for success.

That, in fact, has been the case this week and it's my own fault. I just haven't said, "Go away, not today," as I should have.

This was brought to mind today when my longtime friend, Kit Dietz, sent me the video above of his recording of Willie Nelson's song, "It Gets Easier." When I played Kit's video, I told myself, "This, my friend, is what you have to do."

The song is beautifully done as is the video, which was shot and produced by Kit in his home studio at the side of Lake Erie in Ohio. Kit is a highly respected business consultant in the food distribution industry, the author of numerous analytical studies, and a former industry executive who is a sought-after speaker and advisor within his field.

But business is only part of Kit's life.

He burns with creativity as a photographer, videographer and musician with deep technical skills. Since March, he's taken time off from his work to relax and enjoy life, and so he created this recording and video, mixing in a beautiful sunset over Lake Erie, which he shot.

Thanks, Kit, for allowing me to share your video with Not Fake News readers.

I hope to be able to pay more attention to these lyrics as sung by Kit in the days, months and years ahead:

It gets easier, as we get older It gets easier to say "not today" And it gets easier, as we get older To say "go away and not today."

I don't have to do One damn thing That I don't want to do Except for missing you And that won't go away.

It gets easier to say "some other time." It gets easier to tell the world to wait And it gets easier to watch the world fly by And tell it, "I'll catch up, but not today'"

I don't have to do One damn thing That I don't want to do Except for missing you And that won't go away.

Except for missing you And that won't go away.

Songwriters: Buddy Cannon / Willie Nelson

It Gets Easier lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management

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