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A Different Kind of Protest

Peaceful protests at the Supreme Court following leak of Roe v. Wade decision.
Peaceful protests at the Supreme Court following leak of Roe v. Wade decision.

There are barriers and an increased police presence around the Supreme Court in anticipation of protests over the leaked draft of a decision which could potentially overturn a woman’s right to an abortion.

Yeah, there are a lot of “ifs” in this situation. There are so many assumptions being made by the spineless right.

IF there is a protest, it will be a violent one. It’s what you might expect from the party that tried to overturn the presidential election by violently attacking the Capitol and threatening to hang the sitting Vice President.

IF the leaked opinion is the final say in the case, it can potentially overturn Roe v Wade. This is despite assurances given during their confirmation hearings where justices-to-be called a woman’s right to choose established law and precedent.

Uh-huh. They lied!

And finally, IF such precautions had been taken on January 6th, the violence that occurred, the insurrection, may not have happened. But it did, and there needs to be accountability from Donald Trump on down.

There already have been numerous protests all around the nation in reaction to the leaked decision. None has become violent. Yet there is a heightened security presence, including erecting barricades and putting law enforcement on heightened alert in anticipation of some sort of uprising.

When you are the party that peddles fear and violence, you naturally expect everyone to react in the same manner. You anticipate violence because that is how you answer every potentially threatening situation. So, you prepare to meet violence with violence.

It happened in Charlottesville when peaceful protesters who opposed the “Unite the Right” rally were violently attacked. Heather Heyer was killed when a right-wing protester drove into a crowd of people who were peacefully opposing the rally. The protester, James Alex Fields, attempted to use the defense that he felt threatened as his car was surrounded by the counter protesters. Except, he wouldn’t have been surrounded if he didn’t drive his vehicle into the crowd in the first place.

It’s just another example of those with a history of violence assuming that would be the reaction of others.

There will be protests. There are several today, Mother’s Day, around churches, calling out the hypocrisy of the religious right who, while claiming to be “Pro-Life”, refuse to support programs after a child is born. They oppose pre-school, family planning, social programs aimed at assisting those in need while murdering doctors who perform abortions and bombing Planned Parenthood locations.

Tike torches will be replaced with candles. Angry shouts will be drowned out by peaceful songs. The violence anticipated by the right will be mocked with peaceful unity.

Yes, the possibility of violence will certainly be present, but as was seen in Charlottesville, and in so many peaceful protests during the Civil Rights Movement, it was those who anticipated violence who actually started it.

In this case, it’s those on the right who hide behind the veil of secrecy that the Supreme Court uses to attempt to prevent these types of situations that is responsible for the current state of heightened tension. And instead of explaining their reasoning, they want to attack those who leaked the draft in the first place.

It’s truly an upside down world we are living in, and until those at fault recognize their own failings, it will continue to be that way.

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