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A Lynching?

Now Donald Trump, the fake president, has called the House of Representatives' impeachment inquiry into his illegal activities "a lynching." Once again, his back against the wall, Trump whines like a baby who's big brother yanked the pacifier out of his mouth.

A lynching?

Well, the sycophant senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, thinks so.

“So yeah, this is a lynching in every sense,” Graham said. “This is un-American. I’ve never seen a situation in my lifetime as a lawyer where somebody’s accused of major misconduct who cannot confront the accuser, call witnesses on their behalf and have the discussion in the light of day so the public can judge.”

Mr. Senator, I hate to tell you, but what is happening to Donald Trump is NOT un-American. In fact, it is exactly what should be taking place under the circumstances -- circumstances that Trump brought upon himself.

Here's what Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA), chair of the Congressional Black Caucus said in a couple of tweets:

“You are comparing a constitutional process to the PREVALENT and SYSTEMATIC brutal torture of people in THIS COUNTRY that looked like me?”

“Every time your back is up against the wall, you throw out these racial bombs,” Bass said in a second tweet. “We’re not taking the bait. While we CONTINUE our business here in DC, why don’t you take a trip to the @MemPeaceJustice in Alabama and LEARN SOMETHING.”

She was referring to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, which is “dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching, African Americans humiliated by racial segregation and Jim Crow, and people of color burdened with contemporary presumptions of guilt and police violence.”

Trump's complaint that he is being "lynched" followed his repeated urging that House Intelligence Committee chair Adam B. Schiff (D-CA) be censured, claiming he has been unfair in his handling of the Trump impeachment inquiry. Do you agree? Check out this week's NFN Snap Poll and express your opinion.

Meanwhile, a new CNN poll shows that 43 percent approve of the way Democrats are handling the impeachment inquiry, while 30 percent approve of the Republicans' effort.

Overall, 50 percent of Americans support impeaching Trump and removing him from office. Support for impeachment and removal is strongest among Democrats (87 percent favor it) and stands at 50 percent among independents. Among Republicans, just 6 percent say they support impeaching and removing the Republican President, down from the 14 percent who said so in a September CNN poll.

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