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A Millennial Looks to the Future

Bob Gatty interviews Leesa Danzek on the Lean to the Left podcast.

Our guest on the Lean to the Left podcast is a young Millennial, Leesa Danzek, who was an extremely active Republican in California but now is trying to turn a ruby red area of South Carolina blue.

Leesa explains what factors influenced her transformation and what she hopes to accomplish, and along the way has some pointed comments about the Republican Party, its positions on such issues as abortion and racial equality.

She talks about the future and the role she hopes to play in creating a better, more welcoming place for all Americans, regardless of race, age, political persuasion, or sexual orientation.

Leesa is another in a series of guests commemorating Women’s History Month to be featured on the podcast.

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1 comentario

Bob Gatty
Bob Gatty
07 mar 2022

Great interview! -- Don Kohn, via email.

Me gusta
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