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A Mom's Battle Against Pedophilia

It was more than 20 years ago that a young mom, Carrie Kohan, was at the kitchen sink cutting veggies when she sensed someone behind her. It was a man and he was heading for the bedroom where her little daughter was asleep.

Carrie grabbed a kitchen knife, and in this episode of the Lean to the Left podcast, she describes how she fended off that would be child attacker, and how that led her to become a national child advocate and spokesperson. An angry, determined mom, she has forced the change of several laws in Canada relating to child abuse, and has written a book called the Five Lessons of Life.

In addition to forcing the government to change an entire body of Canadian law, Carrie founded Project Guardian and Mad Mothers Against Pedophiles (MMAP) in 1998. What MADD did for drinking and driving, Carrie wanted to do for pedophilia and the protection of children, by educating the public and change the laws.

When Carrie began her journey as a child advocate, pedophilia was a taboo subject. No one wanted to acknowledge or talk about it. As a self-styled lobbyist and advocate, she was instrumental in changing fourteen laws in Canada that now protect children from harm. Her legacies include Amber Alert, the Provincial and National Sex Offender Registries, the Child Protection Act (which regulates online sexual exploitation), amendments to the divorce act and immigration laws. She is the namesake of the "Carrie's Guardian Angel Law" which requires a 20-year minimum sentence for serial predators and pedophiles.

When all of this began, Carrie Kohan was virtually illiterate. It just demonstrates what determination, and a mom's desire to protect her child at all costs, can do.

Take a listen.

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