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A Progressive Mom Carries the Fight in a Red State

As we celebrate Women’s History Month in March, the Lean to the Left podcast presents the third of several guests to mark that occasion -- women who may be unheralded and not all that famous, but who are making significant contributions to society.

Today’s guest is Ashlyn Brierre, co-founder of Grand Strand Action Together, or GSAT, a nonprofit community organization devoted to providing education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities to South Carolina’s coast.

Ashlyn’s instagram bio says she’s a yinzer, twin mom, cat mom, plant mom, bad feminist, bad socialist, and organizer. On Twitter, she adds that she’s a “commie hillbilly.”

She’s an incredibly busy mom with a hell of a lot to say and do. And she pulls no punches. For example, she posted this on Instagram about the CDC.

“My 1.5 year-old twins really are thrilled that the @CDCgov has basically said “fuck it” – they’re so thankful that such an organization has their best interests (and all children under 5!) at heart.”

in the episode, we asked Ashlyn to explain that comment, and asked her these questions, among others, as well:

  • Tell us what you’re up to…and what’s a “yinzer?”

  • What was that CDC comment all about? What prompted it?

  • How did you get so involved? What pushed your buttons?

  • Early last month, you lost a close friend, Dameion Fowler, who was killed riding his bike in the early morning hours to catch a bus going to work. Dameion leaves a five-year-old so you set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help Dameion’s family and support Khalil. Just an example of your determination to act. Tell us why you did that…

  • You pull no punches. You fight for abortion rights, and on your Twitter feed you wrote Fuck. Joe. Biden and showed a pic of someone disintegrating from old age, with the description, “Me waiting for @POTUS to use the word abortion.” So, Biden’s not doing enough?

  • Ever think about running for political office yourself?

  • Let’s talk about GSAT…How did you get involved and what’s it all about?

  • GSAT is non-political, right? But you guys don’t make any secret as to where you’re coming from.

  • What exactly is the mission?

  • What are some of your core activities?

  • Is there a social issue you guys won’t tackle?

  • What does GSAT hope to achieve in South Carolina? Tough odds as Red as this area is.

Take a listen:

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