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Aaron Rodgers' & His Vax Stand

Boy, can that Aaron Rodgers fling the football.

The longtime starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, with three Most Valuable Player awards under his belt and one Super Bowl victory, can really light up a football field. As a big Green Bay fan, I am happy to have the strong and gridiron-savvy Rodgers leading my team.

But, I really do not care for his off-field antics, ranging from holding the Packers hostage over his playing demands after signing a huge contract to his claim that he was "immunized" against Covid-19 when, in fact, he wasn't.

What I find just as interesting is that the people who support Rodgers, ranging from those who are anti-vaxxers or anti-government or just anti-anti, keep screaming that it is Rodgers' unalienable rights to not get vaccinated. No one has the right to tell him, or them, what they should do with their bodies.

So, using that very same logic, why is it wrong for Colin Kaepernick and others to decide that they would take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem before a sporting event? If Rodgers can lie about being vaccinated and scream, when he got caught lying, that he can do whatever he wants, so can Kaepernick. That is what makes this country so good--that, as long as we don't harm others we can protest as we like.

I stand for the anthem because I believe in what this country stands for, which is the right for Kaepernick and others to support their causes by protesting.

Finally, I really do not care if you or Rodgers get vaccinated or not. I did, my sons did and all of my family and friends did. The bottom line is that 1,500 people a day are still dying from Covid in this country. That is about 7,500 people a week and, annualized, nearly 400,000 a year.

And, the facts are that you are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized without the shots from Covid and 11 times more likely to die without the shots. You want to take those risks? God Bless You.

(Please do not tell me that this is a government conspiracy to implant chips into our body or that the cosmos deem it unnecessary to get the vaccines. You are wrong.)

As for Rodgers, keep throwing those TD passes and keep leading the Green and Gold to victory. I love you on the football field. Off the field? Not so much.

Just my angle.

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