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An Early Mother's Day Podcast Tribute with Jackie Tantillo

We have something a little different for you today…no politics for a change…instead a conversation about the influence our mom on our lives in honor of Mother’s Day.

Our guest is Jackie Tantillo, host of the “Should have Listened To My Mother Podcast,” which examines who we are because of – or in spite of – our mother.

Jackie has worked in broadcasting as on-air talent (radio), on camera talent (commercials and industrials), a national and international voice over talent, voice over acting instructor and producer and production coordinator for over four decades. She worked as a stringer for the ABC Rock Network and interviewed many charismatic music icons.

Currently Jackie is enjoying her conversations with her guests from around the world on her podcast. Everyone has stories to tell of their mother and it's important to reflect on that personal relationship whether good or bad.

The youngest of seven children, six girls and one boy, Italian American family, Jackie was born over seas in Rota, Spain as her father, a Civil Engineer, managed a large project for the US Navy. Jackie studied at McGill University, Montreal, Canada and State University of New York at Plattsburgh where she graduated with a Mass Media degree.

Some questions we covered in this Mother's Day Tribute episode:

  1. How did you get started in radio?

  2. Your career has been a virtual highlight reel with your voice over work, talk show host, spokesperson, production coordinator, and more. Now you’re doing this “Mothers’” podcast. Why?

  3. Tell us about your background, some of the highlights, including what you did at WABC Radio in New York.

  4. How did your mom influence your priorities and what you’ve done in your own life? Should you have listened to her even more than you did?

  5. You’re a mom, right?

  6. What did you learn from your mom that translates into how you treat your own kids? After all, you were one of seven kids, right? She certainly had her hands full.

  7. You like to give back, and you’ve mentored high school students who want to become voice over talents. You enjoy working with young people, right?

  8. There are a lot of divisions in this country, which seemly have worsened over the past few years. As you work with these kids, do you have a sense of hope for the future?

  9. Tell us about your podcast. Who are some of the most interesting guests that you’ve interviewed?

  10. What can people learn from your podcast?

  11. What’s your message for all the mom’s out there and for those who plan to honor their moms?

Editor's Note: I was honored to be a guest on Jackie's "Should Have Listened to My Mother", podcast. You can check it out here.

View to the podcast:

Listen to the interview:

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