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An Irreverent Look at Today's News

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Today, on the Lean to the Left podcast, we’re speaking with Matt Nisenoff, founder of Politipod, a cool, funny and informative podcast that focuses on politics. And so, in this episode, Matt and I get involved in a somewhat irreverent look at key developments in today's news.

The discussion ranges from the tragedy of Afghanistan, to Covid and the anti-vaxers, Trump, the Jan. 6th insurrection, pandering senators, nutcase members of Congress, and much more.

We talk about Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and his fawning admiration and support of Donald Trump. We take shots at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and those of her ilk in Congress. We talk about the irresponsibility of those who refuse to become vaccinated against Covid and the tragic consequences of their actions.

The situation in Afghanistan is discussed, as Matt stresses that while the exit has been marred with tragedy, it was the right decision by President Biden and had to be taken.

And, we talk about the importance of voting, the need for Democrats to remind voters that it was their party that brought them covid relief money, fought to expand vaccinations, and protect all of us from the virus' deadly consequences.

The topics are serious, but the discussion is entertaining, tinged with humor and just a touch of sarcasm.

Matt is a former political staffer and non-profit organization v.p, who decided a few years ago that it was time to have some fun with politics.

So, since January 2016, he's been running the Politipod podcast, which provides valuable information – and a laugh – every two weeks. Now, Politipod has dozens of contributors across the country, funny people, terrific writers, and talented performers.

It's a fun and interesting conversation, and informative too. So take a listen.

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1 commento

Donna A Lombardo
Donna A Lombardo
29 ago 2021

I try so hard to get through to the MAGAs. I have friends and family who are MAGAs. We got along fine until 45 came into the picture. The only arguments I have with my 81 year old father, are caused by his support and belief in whatever he sees or hears from the right wing. I can't get him to see the truth. He talked about how 45 fixed it with the VA to get more help for veterans (my dad is a veteran and so are my 3 brothers). I told him Obama signed the Veterans' Act in 2014. He disagreed with me then googled it. He said he saw 45 sign the paper. He didn't think Obama…

Mi piace
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