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Anarchists and the Mob

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The violence and destruction that peaceful, normally law-abiding people are perpetuating on their cities is shocking. Sadly, they are being manipulated by forces they cannot comprehend. They are being controlled by anarchists.

People have a right to be angry over the treatment of minorities by members of law enforcement. Anarchists are only too happy to use this to their advantage. They thrive on disruption.

Colin Kapernick led a quiet protest that was quickly twisted by anarchists to deflect from the actual issue of police brutality. They manipulated the right into believing the issue was about respect for the flag.

The murder of George Floyd is also a lightning rod for anarchists. They seized upon the simmering anger and resentment and turned it into an opportunity to create a negative image of minorities by encouraging violence.

These well-financed groups spread themselves over large cities where they can spread their violent message like a virus. Marching with a group of peaceful individuals, all they need do is shout an incendiary statement to get the crowd riled. Next, they break a window or set something on fire.

The mob mentality will take hold as, like a virus, the words, feelings or actions spread through the assemblage and a once peaceful protest becomes an angry mob, bent on destroying some perceived injustice that was planted in their minds by these professional disrupters.

Who are these anarchists?

In 2016, it was the Russians who were determined to undermine America’s election by sewing fear, suspicion and racial hatred. Today, Trump has angered the Chinese with his irresponsible blame game over the coronavirus. Are they retaliating? And then, there are the fringe elements within the political parties that cynically use legitimate pent-up emotions for their own ends.

"There are detractors. There are white supremacists. There are anarchists,"  Minnesota Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan said Saturday afternoon.

Whoever they are, anarchists have found an unlikely ally in Trump and his pals, who thrive on chaos. When governors reported that white supremacists were inciting violence, Trump sent out his puppet attorney general to claim it was actually left wing elements who were behind the violence.

Donald Trump is an anarchist’s dream. He is eager to seize upon a rumor to attack a perceived rival. He is only too happy to share these wild conspiracy theories on Twitter. Anarchists manipulate him, and his followers, like putty, mainly through the numerous bots that comprise the bulk of his “followers”.

Anarchists honed their craft during the 2016 elections. They permeated the ranks of the NRA, Black Lives Matter, Neo-Nazis and Antifa. They have no loyalty to one political faction or the other. Their goal is to spread their disruptive influence to destroy its very fabric of our society.

And if we aren’t careful, this is exactly what they will do.

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