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Another Day in Crazytown

Well, folks, it's just another day in Crazytown. The coronavirus is scaring the daylights out of people and Trump plays political footsie.

One thing the COVID-19 has exposed is the fragile state of the Trump economy. With the stock market taking a nosedive, it's clear that the rosy economy claimed by the braggart-in-chief is balanced on an extremely precarious perch.

If something as microscopic as a virus can send the economy into a tailspin, just how strong is it?

A major component in his re-election campaign is Trump’s taking credit for a strong economy. He bristles at even the mere suggestion that this began under President Obama. Now, it is struggling to maintain this illusion under an economy that has already been weakened by a Trump-induced trade war and a ballooning federal deficit, dramatically worsened by his “Tax Reform”.

Investor Tom Steyer, the former Democratic candidate for president, even went so far as to declare that the Coronavirus is Trump’s Katrina; a reference to criticism lobbed on President George W. Bush’s reaction to the disaster relief efforts in Louisiana following a devastating hurricane.

And why not? Consider the administration’s reaction to this health crisis. You had Trump officials blaming the media, as his son, Don Jr., accused Democrats of using the health crisis as a weapon to attack his father’s re-election bid.

And then there is the questionable, and confusing, choice of Mike Pence to spearhead the administration’s response to this crisis.

Pence famously prevented many from receiving treatment during his state’s HIV crisis. Yet, even as he was announced, there was arguing at the podium as to who was really overseeing the response.

Ever the opportunist, Trump used the issue of the Coronavirus to further strengthen travel bans for countries he deems undesirable, including a suggestion that the southern border with Mexico be closed to prevent the spread of the virus even though Mexico hasn’t shown any evidence of having health issues.

So, it’s just another day in Crazytown. The Trump economy is crumbling. He’s blaming the Democrats and taking the opportunity to further prevent immigrants from entering the country.

Hurry up, November! Our country can’t stand much more of this.

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