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Anyone But Trump

When it comes to the 2020 election, many people have already decided for whom they will cast their vote. With the challenger to Donald Trump still months away from being declared, there are two camps; those who support Trump and ABT, or Anyone But Trump.

At no time have the choices been so clear.

On one side, you have “the base”—those people who refuse to admit Trump EVER lied despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. They staunchly defend the rumors, innuendo and conspiracy theories spread by right wing media while claiming facts reported by other news outlets that are critical of Trump are Fake News despite equally overwhelming evidence to support their assertions.

Even when there's a video of him making an outlandish comment, he will later deny it or claim the media is twisting his words. And the base believes his every word. Just check out today’s blog about Trump & the Cardboard Crusher Guy.

Because of this, his backing among Republicans is strong, although not at the 94% he recently claimed. This forces Republican members of Congress to do his bidding or face defeat at the ballot box, as happened in the 2018 midterm elections where many who opposed Trump went down to defeat.

On the other side are those who have either regretted supporting Trump in 2016, or have vowed to support whatever candidate Democrats choose to oppose him. They have sworn not to repeat the mistakes of 2016, to increase voter turn out and to ignore the efforts by Russia to interfere with the electoral process.

Democrats need to stick together. They need to support whomever the nominee is, or we risk another disastrous four years. They need to ignore third party distractions and focus on doing what #MoscowMitch McConnell swore he would do to President Obama: Make him a one-term president.

The stakes are that high.

Editor's Note: Check out this week's NFN Snap Poll on the fairness of the impeachment inquiry. Respond today.

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