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Are Today's Democrats 'Way Left?"

Do you agree with former Vice President Joe Biden's assessment that most Democrats today are "center left," and not "way left" like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Biden's comments came in an interview with CNN, during which he said AOC, the young darling of the far left, is a "brilliant, bright woman," but that she does not represent the views of mainstream Democrats these days.

By his comments, it's clear that Biden is laying claim to the moderate center of the Democratic party, and has no intention of shifting leftward and endorsing such proposals as Sanders' "Medicare for All" or decriminalizing those who cross the border without documentation, promising tuition-free college for all and an end to all student loan debt.

He pointed out that during last year's mild-term elections Democrats were able to wrest control of the House of Representatives from Republicans on the backs of "mainstream Democrats who are very progressive on social issues and very strong on education and healthcare."

Said Biden, "I wish I'd been labeled as moderate when I was running in Delaware back in the day." The party, he said, is "center left, that's where I am. Where it's not is way left."

Biden is right, and it's my view that President Trump believes he is the biggest threat among all of the Democratic candidates to lure away blue collar supporters who traditionally were in the Democratic fold until he ran against Hillary Clinton. That is clear if you listen to Trump these days as he constantly criticizes his predecessor, President Obama, but always includes the former vice president.

All of this poses a dilemma for many Democrats who want to support Biden, but feel it's time for a new generation to move into power. On one hand, they believe the nation needs Biden's experience and steadiness, but on the other would like to see young, aggressive leadership with new ideas emerge.

That is a legitimate concern. My fear, however, is that divisions within the party will persist, that those Democrats who fervently believe in those candidates who promise "far left" solutions, will cause a split that could result in President Trump's reelection.

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