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Because He Got Caught

When the House instituted impeachment hearings, Donald Trump predictably had a meltdown. He lashed out at the process and his accusers. Like a petulant child, he refused to allow witnesses or provide requested documents -- much like a toddler who doesn’t get his way.

The bottom line is, he is so resentful simply because he got caught. Such is the mindset of those who have a limited capacity for reasoning.

Working with middle schoolers for almost 30 years, I’ve faced this situation hundreds of times. I’ve dealt with outright denial even when students are confronted with the evidence of their miscreant acts. I’ve been the subject of verbal, and even physical assaults by those who have been forced to face the facts.

What they all have in common is the belief that the wrongdoing wasn’t theirs; it was those who caught them in bad acts. That’s why Trump is lashing out, and why his supporters defend him.

Like Trump, his supporters ignore the fact that he sought dirt on Joe Biden and they instead focus on his accusers. In their minds, everything would be fine if Democrats would just leave Trump alone.

Sure, they acknowledge, it was wrong to do what he did, but like a modern day Robin Hood, he did it for the right reasons. He was “protecting” the country by preventing Democrats from regaining the White House.

There is no escaping this “logic” since accepting responsibility is a foreign (dare I say that?) concept. In their thinking, the real criminals are Trump's accusers.

So, the impeachment process wasn't just about right and wrong. It’ was about who was right and who was wrong.

So, try though you will, you cannot convince someone who denies the facts that what Trump did was worthy of his impeachment and removal from office. They will readily admit he was wrong. They will also admit that the REAL crime is that he got caught; and if not for his accusers, everything would be fine.

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