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Bernie. But Vote Blue

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

NFN writer Joe Picatello backs Sen. Bernie Sanders for President and explains that it's because of his kids. Fourth of a series by NFN writers about their choices.

When my 20-year old daughter and my 18- year old son recognize a candidate’s name, (feel the Bern), I remember the sayings “Out of the mouth of babes” and “Our kids are our future”.

The only other name they know and cannot tolerate, is our current President.

Being engaged and interested at this age is a good thing. Explaining caucus’ and primaries to them is fun; policies are another thing. Everyone, whether a candidate or a member of our household, shares the same cause, beat the President.

Either way we will vote Democratic. Either way my children will know that their future will be better off with tuition, health care, careers, and the environment if the Democrat wins.

A Bernie canvasser knocked on my door about a month ago; we talked for 20 minutes, but the thing that stood out to me most, was his tenacity for walking through a neighborhood he knew was pro-Republican.

Democrats need someone who can yell louder than the carnival barker- in- chief, counteract the expected social media attacks and disinformation, hold bigger rallies than the buffoon- in- chief, get under his skin and beat him at his own game.

My children may not know how bills are passed, legislation is discussed and written, amendments added, but they know at least that Bernie says things that excite them and have them engaged.

Bernie has energized our young and I’m willing to hand over my (our) support to them. I’ve survived many Presidents and our kids will too, but not this clown-in-chief.

We need to unite, whomever the candidate is.

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I completely agree!

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