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Bob & Jackie Show: Inside Her Mind, Teenage Thoughts

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

In this episode of the rapidly becoming famous Bob & Jackie Show, 17-year-old Karleigh Campman reveals the kind of thoughts that go through her mind as she begins to enter the world of adults, having just graduated from high school.

Karleigh, who just happens to be our brilliant granddaughter, is a precocious young woman full of energy, determined to make her own way in this world, and not at all shy in expressing herself about what's going on in around her today.

In this 23-minute video with Jackie and me, Karleigh first talks about typical teenage topics -- such as what she thinks when she looks in the mirror, her long-time celebrity crush, Justin Bieber (who I mistakenly called Justin Beaver), and her "soul-mate," a young man from Tennessee whom she met while working at Hooters in Myrtle Beach, SC, where she lives.

But then, asked if she's concerned about the future, especially the impact of climate change and the effort to impeach President Trump, she turns serious. Yes, she says, she's worried about the impact on the environment of man's dependency on fossil fuels. Of course. It threatens the world in which she will spend the next 70+ years, God willing.

Of Trump, she said, "We're doomed," expressing dismay that he actually was elected and hoping that he will soon be out of the White House. Karleigh says she will definitely vote in the 2020 election and expresses some interest in perhaps becoming a bit more active than simply voting.

There are some hilarious comments, too, about local young men with their jacked up pickup trucks, for whom she has a special nickname and some rather specific thoughts about them. After all, this is South Carolina.n "The bigger the truck, the smaller the --- ---," she observes.

Check it out. It's entertaining and instructive, this fifth episode of The Bob & Jackie Show.

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