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Can We Trust the Justice Department

The Attorney General is supposed to be America's lawyer, not the president's lackey.

According to their web page, the role of the Department of Justice, and its head, the Attorney General, is to “…to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.” Given their current conduct, one has to question if they have abdicated their Constitutionally mandated duties.

Despite his failings (and he has many), as Attorney General, Jeff Sessions took his role as a representative for all Americans far more seriously than his replacement, who sees his role as Trump’s personal attorney. Now, we have his successor, William P. Barr, acting like he’s Trump’s personal attorney instead of one who is charged with representing the American people.

Not only is he leading the charge that Trump has insisted upon, that of investigating the investigators, but he is also attempting to influence the testimony of former Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller by insisting that he not comment on “uncharged individuals”, thereby removing any mention of Trump from his testimony.

On the issue of immigration, the Justice Department initiated the zero tolerance policy that has resulted in the separation of families and children being placed in for-profit detention centers. Again, this goes contrary to the laws currently in place.

Typically, Barr is defending his actions using the same tactics as the White House, which is to blame Democrats for his own actions, such as continuing the already discredited accusation that Democrats spiedon the Trump campaign.

With all of these conflicts of interest, the question begs to be asked: Can we still trust the U.S. Department of Justice and the attorney general?

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I currently have 4 interns ranging in age from 21-34 and I shared this blog with them this morning and their response was unanimously NO!!!! Two said they felt and continue to feel diminished and have less hope for the future of this country since the presidential election. They trust no department or branch of the government and do not believe much of anything any government official says. How sad it this? What is sadder is that I have many of the same perceptions!


Actually, it was Mueller who contacted the AG's office and requested a letter stating that his testimony must be within the confines of his published report.

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