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Church Sex Abuse: An Avenging Priest Takes Action

Lean to the Left podcast host Bob Gatty and author/attorney Mark M. Bello once again explore issues involving child sex abuse in the Catholic Church, this time with a former seminarian who's written a gripping novel about an avenging priest.

While those issues have been in the headlines for decades, author Tom Hogan's "The Empty Confessional" goes inside the head of a young priest who has decided to extract his own form of punishment against predatory priests.

From archaeological digs in Israel, to life in both Protestant and Catholic seminaries, to launching tech startups in Silicon Valley, Hogan has led a fascinating life.

He’s worked with a team at the Harvard Semitic Museum to decipher the Dead Sea Scrolls, developed one of the first programs for introducing the Holocaust into high school and university curricula, and has lectured, extensively in Holocaust studies.

He also found time to be a venture capitalist, founding Crowded Ocean, which has launched 51 startups, with 17 either going public or being acquired. And he brings this diverse and rich experience to his writing, both fiction and non-fiction.

His new book, "The Empty Confessional," answers the question:

What If an Avenger Priest Came After Catholic Predator-Priests?

Take a listen to the interview.

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