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Combatting The Great Resignation

As a country, we’re in the middle of what’s been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” as millions of workers have either quit their jobs or switched to some other way to earn a livelihood.

What’s behind all of this? What can companies do to counter this trend?

To explore this important question, our guest on this episode of The Lean to the Left Podcast is Brad Smith, founder of Stellar Insights. Brad has spent over 20 years helping companies pursue growth and excellence through coaching, consulting, facilitation, and strategic planning.

Now, it seems that with the Great Resignation, those services are perhaps needed more than ever. Yet it seems like much of the advice Smith offers seems like basic common sense -- such as "be appreciative" and don't screw your workers if you don't want them to leave.

Who would ever have thought of that!

Brad also offers advice to workers who want to improve their work situation and advance their careers. Like get your degree if you don't have one, and if you do, look for opportunities with companies that have a reputation for kindness and caring for their workers.

During the episode, Brad also offers insight into the current round of inflation and suggests steps that could be taken to make things easier for the average American. Maybe President Biden should listen.

You'll learn a lot from this interview, whether you're an employer or an employee looking to to make improvements.

Take a listen.

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