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Con-Man Don and the Republicans

Check out this episode of the Dixie Dems on the Lean to the Left podcast, recorded just prior to Super Tuesday when Con-man Donald Trump delivered a knockout blow to Nikki Haley in the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

Despite Haley's defeat and the fact that she's withdrawn from the race, there is talk on this episode of how she could still manage to win the GOP nod if Trump is convicted of at least one of the 91 felony charges against him. Should that happen, would worried Republicans turn to Haley instead?

Con-man Don and the Republicans

"Let's say that Trump goes into the convention as a convicted felon (and) enough Republicans who they're at the convention say, I can't support a convicted felon, right?", suggests Dixie Dem Arthur Hill of North Carolina.

"So switching my vote to Nikki Haley and Haley comes out of the convention as the as the candidate. And I think that's bad news for Democrats because I think Nikki Haley has a much better shot at beating Biden than Trump does," he says.

And what about Fulton County, GA prosecutor Fani T. Willis? Will she be kicked off the Georgia case involving Con-man Don's attempts to overturn the 2020 election in her state? If so, what happens then?

"Not a damn thing," says Dixie Dem Robert Thompson, of Georgia.

There's much more. The conversation turns to the fact that Georgia Republican Congressman Barry Loudermilk led a tour of the Capitol basement on Jan. 5, 2020, the day before the MAGA attack on the Capitol -- something that could have aided protestors' efforts to interfere with the official vote count. Meanwhile, Loudermilk voted to impeach Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over immigration issues.

Hill talks about the new North Carolina Democratic Party chair, Anderson Clayton, 26, who is determined to generate Democratic support among young and rural voters.

And, says Hill, answering voters who say they can't vote for Biden, Clayton responds by saying:

"We can push Joe Biden if he's not as progressive as we want him to be, but we cannot push Donald Trump. We can't push a Donald Trump who doesn't want young people to have a right to vote. We can't push a Donald Trump. Who doesn't want young people to have a right to abortion. We can push a president who cares about and believes in young people."

"She's full of those kinds of quotes," says Hill. "She's a tremendous orator and and she's she's creating a lot of excitement up here. And I think it's going to bode well for the Democrats in North Carolina in November."

Even pop star Taylor Swift finds herself in this episode, as Dixie Dem Bob Gatty, of South Carolina, points out that she's being accused by Republicans of being part of a covert government effort to defeat Con-man Trump.

Con-man Don and the Republicans is another entertaining episode of the Dixie Dems. Check it out.

Listen to the episode:

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