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Coronavirus: Fuzzy, Fatal Math

Some say that Florida dodged a bullet when it came to coronavirus deaths. Despite allowing hordes of college students crowding the beaches during the recent spring break, coronavirus cases there remain relatively low. But are the cases being properly reported, and how many spring breakers carried the virus back to their home states?


Some of those spring breakers are expressing regret for their carefree times on the beaches as they see cases of the disease on the rise. They can’t help but wonder if they are the cause.

Even though they may not feel sick, it’s been proven that almost 50 percent of those who test positive for coronavirus are asymptomatic, meaning they aren’t even aware they are infected. Most haven’t even bothered to be tested, and could be continuing to spread the illness.

Until we have reliable contact tracing and more testing is available for anyone who wants it (Remember that boast?), we will continue to see a rise in the numbers until a vaccine is found.

So, what’s behind the relatively low number of cases in Florida? Does the phased opening plan that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) initiated stand as a blueprint for other states to reopen?

Most likely not.

To keep the numbers of cases artificially low, Florida government officials are telling medical examiners not to release information on coronavirus deaths. This way, DeSantis can claim “victory” over the coronavirus, while giving false data to the White House’s plans to reopen America.

Cheerleader Trump

More states are pushing to reopen, ignoring the guidelines established by the White House. But why shouldn’t they? Trump, himself, is ignoring the advice of the experts who developed the guidelines, and is cheering on the Republican governors who are reopening and relaxing the social distancing regulations – even as positive cases have increased and testing continues to lag.

Florida, of course, is one of those states, along with Texas, Indiana and Colorado.

Meanwhile, Trump, in a Fox News Town Hall, denied he ever criticized Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s (R) planned reopening, saying it’s just fine.

Mark Twain popularized the phrase, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

With more states enacting this “phased reopening” plan that is being supported by faulty data out of Florida, the consequences will not only be serious; they will be fatal.

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